The Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as the T-Rex is the most dominant dinosaur ever lived in the Cretaceous period. 

A group of scientists has been trying to resurrect this king of dinosaur by mining the fossil of Tyrannosaurus Rex using a diamond pickaxe and put it on a chicken. They survive and build a blocky dinosaur park. The human of blocky world contains the T-Rex and put it on a cage along with some of newborn babies made by using DNA mutation on chickens.

The human give T-Rex bad treatment and angered the king of dinosaur! The T-Rex are going to break free and rampage thru the park to destroy everything, bite every one!

The dino hunt begins. Human are attempted to hunt the rampaging T-Rex. They called the military and armies to capture the king of prehistoric beast. 

Human also trying to create another obedient mutant T-Rex, the Dominator Rex aka D-Rex to fight against the rampaging T-Rex. Will the human be able to stop a rampaging of T-Rex?

How To Play:
- Use WASD to move around as the T-Rex
- Left click to attack everything from human to buildings
- Right click to use skill for massive attack


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